Fun Things To Do

Boat Riding & Sport Fishing

Situated only 15 Kms away from the CBD, The Dam RedHill is the place just for you if you enjoy boat riding as you get a glimpse of mother nature. In addition, sport fishing

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Bike Riding

There’s no better way to enjoy what nature has to offer than on a bike. We have a 20 Km track just for you. Enjoy the sheer beauty and tranquility of the surrounding

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Floating Restaurant

Sit back, chill and enjoy a meal on our floating restaurants as the winds camly  drift the floating restaurant and you will be guaranteed to experience a feeling like

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Zip Lining

Experience the adrenaline pumping thrill of Zip Lining. We have a line that passes through across our dam. Get to fly across while enjoying the view (that is if you

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